In 2016 the Arizona legislature passed 388 bills during their 4-month session. The governor of Arizona blindly signed 374 of these bills into law. I say blindly because nobody believes that our governor and legislature read all of these bills that are now new laws and regulations in Arizona. That is almost 5 bills a day that our elected officials passed! Most of these bills were designed to protect and promote special interests in Arizona and don’t help with the real issues in our state. We need less not more government to grow the economy in Arizona and create more jobs. It’s time to hold our law makers responsible for their broken campaign promises, out of control spending and expansion of the government. If you want lower taxes, smaller government and the government out of your personal life Kevin McCormick is your only option.


Arizona needs an economy that is ready for the next wave of innovation in America. If we want to attract the best companies in world we need to have fewer regulations, lower taxes and a high quality workforce to help support the high growth business of the future. The technology industry will continue to power our future and Arizona is missing the opportunity to attract these businesses to Arizona. Instead these companies recruit our best and brightest ask them to relocate to other states.


We can’t attract the best business in the world unless our education system is fixed. Companies want a quality workforce to drive their growth and the employees of these companies want to live in areas that will provide a great education and future for their children. We can’t expect to grow our economy if we don’t fix our under performing education system.


I support the full legalization of marijuana. Arizona already has a successful medical Marijuana program that is helping over 60,000 citizens a year. It is time to stop arresting otherwise law-abiding citizens for marijuana use. Its federal Schedule I drug classification is an abuse to science by making it a Class 1 federal felony to conduct any otherwise legitimate scientific research of any kind on marijuana. The medical research into marijuana will explode if the federal government reclassifies it. States that have laws in place to allow research will see a flood of quality high paying jobs and we need to set Arizona up to compete for these companies.


I stand for the individuals right to make their own decisions in their personal life. One of the biggest decisions in woman can make is to have a child and this is a private decision that should be made by a family. This is why I support a woman’s right to choose.

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